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Healthy Eating Habits: Book + Flashcard
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Healthy Eating Habits: Book + Flashcard

Product Description

1) Dinku's Lunchbox: This story encourages children to respect food and understand why they should eat healthily. Every day, instead of eating his lunch, Dinku runs out to play. His lunchbox intervenes and teaches him why he needs to eat healthy meals.

2) Healthy Eating Flashcards: With this 27 card flashcard set, we've broken down traditional food groups in a child-friendly way. We hope these cards will help your little one understand the immense benefits of a balanced diet. The underlying idea is for your child to start making mindful food choices early on. We hope this lesson can go a long way in making the next generation wiser than we may have been.

Dimensions:18 x 8 x 8 (cm)

Weight: 500gms

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