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Healthy Mind, Body and Soul: Set of 3 Books
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Healthy Mind, Body and Soul: Set of 3 Books

Product Description

1) Yoga in the Jungle: Dina and Dinku are so excited to be at yoga camp that they don't notice the beautiful sights around them. The jungle's animals teach them yoga poses and they learn about mindfulness and about how one can learn mindfulness through yoga.

2) Dinku's Lunchbox: This story encourages children to respect food and understand why they should eat healthily. Every day, instead of eating his lunch, Dinku runs out to play. His lunchbox intervenes and teaches him why he needs to eat healthy meals.

3) Dina Helps Uncle Tree:This story focuses on respect, love for nature and how we can make a difference. Dina learns that to care for the environment, she can help Uncle Tree by planting more trees so it is easier for him to clean the air.

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