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India Festival Box: Set of 4 Books
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India Festival Box: Set of 4 Books

Product Description

1) A Delight-ful Diwali: In A De-Lightful Diwali, Dina, Dinku and their cousins Mimi and Mickey learn about the value of family. After the lights go out on Diwali and they can't use technology to entertain themselves, they discover that they can still have lots of fun with their whole family.

2) Dina's Christmas Miracle: Celebrate the Christmas spirit with Dina's family, friends and Dina herself at the Dinopur Gymkhana. Dina comes across a lost puppy which makes the day even more exciting! She faces the tricky situation of helping the puppy find its own family or keeping him for herself. Dina learns that Christmas is all about shared joy and good deeds.

3) Dinku's Colourful Holi: After a terrible fight with his sister, Dinku dreams he is a Holi superhero, battling Dina to win back Dinopur's toys and colours! He wins the fight, but why does he feel so sad? In Dinku's Colourful Holi, Dinku discovers the importance of forgiveness and starting afresh. 4) Rakhi at the Elephant Park: Dina and Dinku are celebrating Raksha Bandhan at the exciting Dinopur Elephant Park. Even though it is a day to celebrate siblings, Dina bumps into her friends and leaves Dinku behind. But Dina gets lost while splashing around with baby elephants! In all this fun, who will realise she's missing and find her? In this story, Dina and Dinku discover the value of the sibling bond.

Dimensions:50 x 25 x 25 (cm)

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