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Dabble Combo: Finger Paints + Playart Crayons + Playart Chubby Brushes | Art & Paints Combo
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Dabble Combo: Finger Paints + Playart Crayons + Playart Chubby Brushes | Art & Paints Combo

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This Combo includes our brand new Playart Finger Paints in 8 Colours, Playart Chubby Brushes and Playart Crayons

Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)

8 vibrant colours encourage artistic expression, colour mixing and creation of many more. The colours are Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, White... new colours can be created in a tactile way.

No Worries on Safety

  • Certified Toxin-free our Playart finger paints are perfect as your child’s first paints for early years.
  • They contain ingredients with natural textures of Coconut oil and the fragrance of sweet orange oil which makes is not just perfectly safe but also stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills

No Worries to Wash

  • Long-lasting easy wash colours in mess-free squeezy bottles that don’t dry up easily.
  • Wash off easily from skin and from surfaces such as tiles and wood.

Easy to use and carry

The finger paints for toddlers with easy to squeeze bottles avoid the paints from drying and spilling. Also comes in a compact easy to carry box.

Playart Chubby Brushes

Paint brush for beginners | Eco friendly | 4 in 1 pack

  • Easy-grip for little hands: Hurray! The short and stout wooden brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours.
  • Precursor to writing: The brush length is ideal for small hands to paint easily with no strain to the hands. Helps develop fine motor skills for writing.
  • Easy Clean: Super fun to paint, super easy to wash off. The soft bristles can be easily washed with soap and water.
  • Multi-use: Use it to paint or as a tool to apply glue or for any other purpose for your art and craft projects.
  • Long-lasting: Wooden brushes made from high-quality bristles that last longer. Brush length 12 cm

About Playart Crayons

Enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax and coconut oil makes it a toddler’s first non-toxic crayon. 8 unique child-grip shapes that inspire multi-dimensional colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing and inspire story telling. Long-lasting magical primary colours, when colours rub against each other can be cleaned with coconut oil. Shapes that won’t break easy, blend easily and colour smoothly

First crayons for your toddler | Toxin free and child safe

  • Shapes that tell stories: The fun shapes in 8 vibrant and smooth colours attract the child and they can learn and relate to the surroundings around them. Children can make up stories with the 8 different shapes and have uninhibited art time with endless possibilities.
  • Long lasting: These large-hearted crayons are meant for long hours of play.
  • It’s a multi-sensory experience as the toddler can touch, smell and see while colouring. Introducing educational toys for kids in art has various benefits. Our crayons are easy to grip and build finger muscle that helps kids to learn how to hold a pencil. The crayons also help kids to learn the science of colours, colour mixing, creating new shades and new strokes.

Recommended age 2.5 years +

Perfect birthday and return gift

Gift imagination to children you know and inspire creative expression in early childhood.

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