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  • Paper Roll for Art (Price inclusive of Shipping)
  • Paper Roll for Art (Price inclusive of Shipping)
  • Paper Roll for Art (Price inclusive of Shipping)
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Paper Roll for Art (Price inclusive of Shipping)

Product Description

* Paper rolls are the perfect first canvas to introduce art to your little ones.

* Made with high quality plotter paper, our paper rolls are strong enough for kids to scribble away freely on both sides thus saving paper.

* 20 meter rolls have a width of 18 inches which allow larger area for little ones for uninhibited art creations.

* They are compact and easy to store or carry around . You can use any amount of roll you want and later just cut/tear it off.

* They can be stuck up on walls, so kids can finally paint to their hearts content and express freely without parents having to worry.

* They guarantee 100% fun and unlimited possibilities for exploring art.

The fear of your child scribbling on the wall or furniture could be a concern that probably stops you from allowing our children to explore art freely inspite of the many developments benefits art offers. Younger kids need larger paper for their uncontrolled hand movements. Paper Rolls is the best way to let them explore art freely. We have a dedicated place for cooking, eating, sleeping, then why not one for doing art?? If we can allot a particular area in the house for art and make it a habit, kids will remember to go back to that place every time they want to create art. Here's an idea that you can try.

Creating a Dabble Art Station at home using these simple steps.

* 1. Set Up an Art Table or Desk - Equip it with paper rolls and drawing materials, like pencils, bees wax crayons, finger paints etc.

* 2. Stick paper rolls on the wall - If you don't have a table stick some large paper rolls on a wall and keep their art equipment and educational toys on a stool or nearby shelf.

* 3. Use the floor - Incase you don't have a table or wall, just spread paper rolls on the floor in a dedicated corner.