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Little Jamun 3 in 1 Open Ended Free Play Toys - Dinosaur World
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Little Jamun 3 in 1 Open Ended Free Play Toys - Dinosaur World

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Step into the world of Majestic Dinosaurs!

Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, Diplodocus and the rest of the Dino family are all ready to welcome your children for a fun-filled learning experience. They are fun and friendly as these open-ended toys are multifunctional and can be used in multiple ways for Stacking, Lacing and a lot of free play to increase innovative and creative thinking.

Let your children EXPLORE, IMAGINE, ENGAGE, DISCOVER and GROW with our wooden educational toys. These ecologically friendly, natural, non-toxic, battery-free wooden toys celebrate children?s innate ability and desire for self-learning, creativity, and skill-building. They are well-suited for toddlers and oodles as they stimulate creativity and imagination as well as growth and development.

Ways to play:

Let your child indulge in free-play and see them explore and imagine beyond the ordinary.

Trace on paper or lace the toys and make a garland.

Stack them up and try balancing them on each other.

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