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  • Combo set  – 9 to 12 months
  • Combo set  – 9 to 12 months
  • Combo set  – 9 to 12 months
  • Combo set  – 9 to 12 months
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Combo set – 9 to 12 months

Product Description

This box is is made with 4 different types of beautifully handcrafted wooden & paper toys.

  • The handcrafted rolling rattle made from wood is perfect for your crawling baby's tummy time.
  • Round grasp of the egg rattle will allow babies to give better grip and help in developing sensorial ability.
  • Pincer puzzle help in developing the ability to hold anything between first finger and thumb. This grasp is foundation for good pencil grip.
  • Fruit flash cards are ideal to improve vocabulary language skill and memorization and also understanding of 2D to 3D objects. These cards should be used when your baby is happy or relaxed. In this way they will look forward to the next session. Each flash card should be held in front of your toddler (for less than a second) speaking the name of the card loudly and clearly. This process should be done for all twelve cards and repeated.
  • Flashcard included.
  • Age – 9 to 12 months