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  • New Born Hamper-Make the most of it!
  • New Born Hamper-Make the most of it!
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New Born Hamper-Make the most of it!

Product Description

Our newborn hamper sale is here! ???????? 

Wrap up the perfect gift for the newborns in your life with 3 different hampers, specially curated by Kidstack. ✨

Made to support developmental milestones and the safety of your little one while being eco-friendly and budget-friendly. 

Here’s what they include - 

Make the most of it hamper - 

  • Newborn Contrast book: It is easier for babies to register and see bold images in a blurry world. Simple shapes, lines and patterns are easiest to focus upon. This book includes pages with geometric patterns and animals drawn on the pages.

  • Snoopy-the pull along toy: with its innocent charm is your child's first pet and friend as they begin to explore their world with their tiny steps. With a natural wooden body, felt ears, freewheeling base and cotton cord, Snoopy is a wonderful first pet for your little one.

  • Early Stacker-set of 25 blocks: Early Stacker is optimal to introduce Block Play. Make your child experience full sensory play as they begin to understand smoothness, weight, size, and sound. These blocks are thoughtfully designed and crafted in European Beech and Birchwood

  • Amish Ball Lemon Dreams: It's an interestingly shaped ball, that has many spots to start to grab on to and explore. That makes it perfect for infants who are still developing their grip. For non-mobile infants, hanging the puzzle ball (with or without a small bell) can provide an interesting and fun new tactile mobile.

  • Baby rattle-Dusty: Meet Dusty the dog, the softest rattle you'll ever hold. Made with 100% waffle cotton and 200% love.

  • Candy rage Rattle: Candy cage has candy-like spheres inside in vibrant colours to intrigue the child as she tries to (unsuccessfully) pry it open. Candy Cage is an ideal wooden rattle toy gift for a newborn baby.

  • Zooming bus: This super cute handmade wooden bus is nice and big for a good grip for little children.