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  • New Born Hamper-Starter kit
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New Born Hamper-Starter kit

Product Description

Our newborn hamper sale is here!

Wrap up the perfect gift for the newborns in your life with 3 different hampers, specially curated by Kidstack. ✨

Made to support developmental milestones and the safety of your little one while being eco-friendly and budget-friendly. 

Here’s what they include - 

Starter kit hamper - 

Newborn Contrast book :

  • High Contrast Newborn baby book: High contrast images and patterns in black and white, yellow and red, help in visual development of 0-12 months babies.

  • A great way to bond with a baby – keep it at about 8 inches from the baby’s face and watch them focus with curiosity

Rainbow Wooden Egg Shaker -Set of 2:

  • Wooden Rainbow Egg Shaker with contrasting colors fascinates babies and stimulates their developing vision. As they grow, babies can use the rainbow egg shaker to explore object permanence and cause and effect relationships.
  • Made in India with premium quality: the egg shaker is crafted from high-quality wood and smooth surfaces to ensure kids’ safety. The egg shaker has organic beans inside that make a pleasing sound. It is painted with natural colors that are non-toxic and attractive. They're certified by ASTM International and don't contain BPAs.

Wooden owl gear:

  • If you are looking for a resource that is suitable for hands-on involvement for babies 18 months and up, this attractive Owl toy is sure to be an exciting addition to your baby’s playtime.
  • A 2 in 1 toy that works as a puzzle and a gear toy, it encourages the child to use their critical thinking, creative thinking as well as develop their awareness of cause and effect.
  • It is easy to use and simply requires you to position the gears in the right slot. Each of the gears can be spun and they can also be removed and rearranged. As the gears are interlocking, your child can learn how to grasp and change the gears themselves.