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Calming Ocean Dough Kit
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Calming Ocean Dough Kit


Reconnecting children through play Our dough pods are skin safe Our luxury homemade dough with natural ingredients is soft, pliable, and has a curated signature fragrance (skin safe). Dough Pod is plastic-free play dough. We believe that nature is the biggest teacher. Nothing comes close to exploring and developing our senses than nature. That is why each of our themes comes with natural loose parts sourced from various regions of the country to allow your child to touch natural things. Small but powerful things are added, like a wooden spoon, that allows the child to regulate the usage of the dough. It subconsciously prepares the child for an important lesson of saving, storing, and rightfully using a product. Our signature fragrance is subtle, refreshing, and calming. Just enough to enjoy the fragrance and just enough for playing for long hours. You shall receive 3 colors | 100 grams each 7 different types of shells, all nature gifted. 5 Wooden Stamps 1 glass bottle filled with sand and seas shore stones 1 wooden spoon to scoop out the play dough P.S: Playdough is not meant to be mouthed. If mouthed please have it immediately removed.

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