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Play dough Calm Colours- Set of 6
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Play dough Calm Colours- Set of 6


Our new Uber range of Soft colours for our already Soft Dough is a killer Collection to have! 200gms each o fDoughReMom Sphere is organic, non-toxic, lab tested and certified taste safe. They are a Perfect Playdate essential as not only does the quantity suffices about 5 more such Playdates but also gives THEM a chance of endless imaginations to bring to life too. DoughReMom quitely becomes what ever your little one wants it to be. A car or a star, a frog or a frock anything under the sun they dream of can be turned into miniature play prompts. DoughReMom has immense benefits as it works on fine & gross motor sillks, works on sensory stimuation (smell, touch and visual), vocabulary and pronounciation, organizing spatial orientation adn logical thinking.

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