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Explorer Blocks: 100 Elements | Age Group: 3 years - 99 years
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Explorer Blocks: 100 Elements | Age Group: 3 years - 99 years

Product Description


The Explorer set is not for the faint-hearted. It has 4 different categories with 100 elements in total.

As your child grows older, make sure he is well-equipped with interesting, challenging and relevant Block Play items. Your child will be able to create larger and more complex structures paving a path for higher-order thinking and cognitive abilities.

These blocks are thoughtfully designed and crafted in European Beech and Birchwood and finished with food-grade linseed oil making them completely soft and smooth for little hands, as well as totally mouth safe. Beech and Birchwood ensure that the blocks are stable, smooth and strong. 

Age: 3 year+

Material: European Beech and Birchwood

Size: Block is 5*5*5cm; Flat Small Block is 10*10 cm; Flat Large Block is 10*20 cm; Stick Block is 5 cm

Package Contents: 45 solid blocks, 17 large flat blocks, 8 small flat blocks and 30 stick blocks. 

Brand: Bombay Toy Company

Non-Toxic. Sustainable. Made in India

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