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Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)
Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)
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Playart Finger Paints (8 Colours)

Product Description


An 8 Vibrant Colours Set - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, White.

No Worries on Safety: Certified Toxin-free our Playart finger paints are perfect as your child’s first paints for early years. They contain ingredients with natural textures of Coconut oil and the fragrance of sweet orange oil which makes is not just perfectly safe but also stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills

No Worries to Wash: Long-lasting easy wash colours in mess-free squeezy bottles that don’t dry up easily. Wash off easily from skin and from surfaces such as tiles and wood.

Bright and Vibrant: 8 vibrant colours encourage artistic expression, colour mixing and creation of many more new colours in a tactile way.

Easy to use and carry: The finger paints for toddlers with easy to squeeze bottles avoid the paints from drying and spilling. Also comes in a compact easy to carry box.

Perfect birthday and return gift: Gift imagination to children you know and inspire creative expression in early childhood

8 New Colours for Finger Painting Fun

What goes into these bottles is all natural. You can see the list of ingredients for yourself. These finger-paints are non-toxic and child-safe. And that’s how anything good should be.

The 8 vibrant colours come in easy-squeeze bottles and have been designed in consultation with art teachers and occupational therapists.

Kids love the mess and moms love that they can get them all cleaned up in a snap. All of it while children get ready for art, play and learning.

Messee is all-rightee!: Let kids slide, strike dab and splash the multiple colours without inhibitions. The multi-sensory experience helps them relax as they focus on what’s happening rather than results. So kids stay kids in a safe way.

Touchee-Feelee colours and shapes: Kids can feel the colours take shape as they swipe their fingers. This deepens the connections in the brain between touch, vision and creation. Such educational toys for kids help them get ready for spatial, math and language concepts in school.

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