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Chunky Glue | Dabble

Product Description

Child safe Glue for Early Years - 2 in 1 pack

No Toxic Solvents | No Parabens | No Silicon

No Alcohol | 100% Water-based formula

Unique bottle design: No more unnecessary spills, promotes longer use. The bottle is specially designed to squeeze out just right amount of glue. Chunkier bottle to hold and totally non messee...yay!

Easy Clean: Super fun to glue, super easy to wash off!

Allows Mistakes: Unique error correction formula that allows kids time to make changes in the sticking process. So little hands can enjoy the process of discovery without any inhibitions and worry about making mistakes.

Multi sensory: The multi-sensory formulation with a gentle green apple fragrance for a fun process experience.

Magically turns Clear: Green coloured glue for easy positioning, dries clear. No rules for little hands to glue within lines.

Glue All: Perfect for early learning art and craft projects.

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