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Personalised Story Book

Product Description

Imagine your child gifting you a Story Book to let you know how much you mean to him/her.

"There's Something I Want You To Know" is a personalised story book which stars your little one along with his/her favourite person in the whole, wide world. The theme is spread across Love & Gratitude for that favourite person. It's a series of adventures and treasured moments between your child and that person.

So, why should you buy this?

- Instills a sense of gratitude in the child as it celebrates their bond with their favourite person.

- Covers a diverse range (More than 10) of scenarios & moments that you see in daily life

- Makes for a great bonding experience between the child and their favourite human.

- The perfect night-time tale to snuggle into bed with!

How to use?

- Let the favourite human read the book with your child one and celebrate the bond they share with each other!

This adorable tale lets that person know how much he/she means to your little one. It’s a book that celebrates the little moments. It’s a book that celebrates their bond. It’s a book that instills a sense of gratitude. You can have anyone starring in this book with your child. It could be mumma, papa, nana, nani, dada, dadi, anyone.

It’s the perfect thing to snuggle into bed with.

And (almost) as precious as that person itself 

Book Dimensions?

8X8 Inches, Hard Bound

Please keep 7-10 days for printing followed by 3-4 working days for dispatch in mind while ordering this book.

Note: Please email your child's photo for customization at simran@kidstack.in