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Art It Out! 10 Sketching & Art Games | Ages: 6+
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Art It Out! 10 Sketching & Art Games | Ages: 6+


Here’s what to expect from a set of ‘Art it Out!’

1) Complete the Story- Reusable sheets where you become the doodler of your very own comic strip! Doodle in the blank scenes to complete your story!

2) Complete the Doodle- Reusable sheets where you need to complete the situation. Go wild, you’re only limited by your imagination!

3) Paper Telephone- Team up with one of your team members. You have 20 seconds to draw the word. After your 20 seconds, your teammate continues the drawing for another 20 seconds (without knowing what the actual word is). Your team needs to then guess the word after the 40 seconds!

4) Shape Doodle- Get your team to guess the objects by using only the shapes allowed. Each object has to be drawn as a combination of only the shapes given on the card!

5) Sketch-N-Guess- Draw your word for 30 seconds – Pass the paper to the next player – The next player tries to guess what you’ve drawn & further passes the paper on to the next player – This player then looks at what the previous player has written and draws that word for 30 seconds – The cycle repeats!

6) Guess the Colour- A hilarious drawing game where you have to get your team to guess the colour you’re talking about. The catch? You can’t use anything which is actually of that colour!

7) Mix it Up- Imagine and doodle out compositions which combine all the three elements on each card!

8) Speedy Draw (Drawing Taboo) – A spin on the classic talking game, get your team to guess the word without drawing any of the taboo words!

9) Speedy Draw (Back to Back) – Stand in a line facing front. Each person has a paper which is held on the back of the person in front. The last member starts drawing an object. As this player starts drawing, the player in front of him/her also starts drawing. The chain continues till the very first member in the line guesses the word!

10) Speedy Draw (Blindfold Artist) – Using only shapes and directions, get one of your teammates to draw the object while the rest of your team has to guess it!

So as you see, there’s something here for everyone!

Age Group : 6+

Package Contents: 10 games with cards and reusable sheets

Brand: Elemeno

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